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Kellyann Perdie- CEO of Salt & Light Management | Social Media Expert

Every firm has specialty! Ours partner Salt & Light Management expertise is social media marketing. In fact, SpotOnMediaGroup owes it’s success to social media, and partner Kellyann Perdie has years of  real-world experience in helping clients achieve their marketing and management goals.

Salt & Light Management is a full-service social media agency – whatever our clients need online, we can provide. But our focus isn’t on selling services to clients – it’s on partnering with our clients to help them achieve their goals. There are a lot of agencies out there who will offer to help you design and implement a full-fledged SMM campaign – but we’re proud of being recognized as one of the few that actually becomes a strategic partner with our clients. With the help of Kellyann you will reach more people on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram as well work with her to help set your budgets for maximum exposure across the world wide web.

Kellyann is also a music manager, model and foodie. Let her help you create a campaign to reach your followers and fans! The last stop for Video Production, Web Design & Social Media