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LI News Radio is On the Air and Online!


The Spot On Media Group recently launched the new website for Long Island’s new source for News and Information – LI News Radio 103.9. The station debuted on December 26th and in less than two weeks has generated significant buzz. Contact us today for great opportunities for early bird advertising discounts including feature sponsorships and Live commercial reads.

Just who listens to News/Talk radio? Here’s an audience profile according to a 2011 Talk Radio Research Project….

• Although news/talk radio is skewed toward males, far more women are listening than is generally recognized. Considering the active nature of news/talk listeners, as well as the significant quantitative numbers, this female audience should not be ignored, especially on stations with large total listenership.

• News/talk radio (including “conservative talk radio”) has a much larger African American listenership than most people think. Approximately 22%. These are people who like news/talk radio in higher proportions than their percentage of the population

• Thirty-five percent of the listeners of news/talk radio over 25 have graduated from college. Interestingly, this includes a significant number of workers categorized as “blue collar.” That’s right, a consistently growing segment of America’s blue collar work force is college educated…and is listening to news/talk radio.

• Although many of the hosts (and callers) in the news/talk radio universe are obviously conservative, the listeners are far more diverse in terms of philosophy and party affiliation. In other words, there is not as much preaching to the choir as conventional wisdom would have you believe. A significant percentage of listeners are independent. It bears repeating, despite the industry’s obsessive adherence to “format purity” on a political ideology level –– a healthy percentage of talk listeners do listen to hosts with whom they disagree…they even listen to hosts they hate!

• News/talk listeners are very politically active and are more likely to vote than the audiences of any other radio format, not to mention the audiences/readerships of most other entertainment and information media. That’s why news/talk radio plays such a huge role in the course of elections. Seventy-eight percent of the news/talk radio audience’s eligible voters actually voted in 2010. That is off the charts when compared to national averages or the audiences of other radio formats.

• News/talk listeners are relatively affluent and very active consumers of a wide variety of goods and services…although they, like the rest of the population, are feeling the pinch of this extended economic squeeze. Fifty-four percent have annual household incomes exceeding $50,000.

• News/talk listeners are active news consumers, drawing information from a variety of sources. It is evident that news/talk listeners are big newspaper readers and internet users. For the fifth year in a row, internet-based news sites are, collectively, the favorite non-radio news source of talk radio listeners, which also indicates how compatible these listeners are with terrestrial radio station internet services.

• Football is the favorite news/talk radio listener spectator sport followed closely by baseball. So it doesn’t hurt to talk about key events in these sports even on politically-oriented programs. For a couple of years, auto racing and golf were more popular than basketball and hockey among news/talk listeners.

• News/talk radio listeners enjoy a variety of music with country being the favorite in a tight field. Research conducted by TALKERS magazine hints at the country music audience closely identifying with news/talk radio’s conservative flavor. Obviously, because of its upper demographic orientation, news/talk listeners also favor oldies and classic rock.

• In a new study regarding the relationship between talk radio and community service, it has been revealed that the news/talk radio audience is prone to engaging in charitable activities and donates a significant portion of its income each year to non-profit organizations. The recession has dampened the dollar amounts to a certain degree –– but not the tendency to give.

In conclusion, for a wide variety of reasons that used to require detailed explanation but have become increasingly self-evident, dollar-for-dollar, the advertiser trying to reach an adult audience will enjoy approximately three times the bang for their buck buying news/talk radio than music radio.

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